A Best Practices Guide for Adding Images to CommuniBee

Image of a workspace with a monitor and laptop side by side.

As a CommuniBee administrator, you’ll likely be uploading images through our dashboard at some point. Whether they’re your community logo or related to a specific event, we’ve compiled a best practices guide so you can ensure they’re optimized for display.

Community Logos

Community logos display on the home screen at the top of the CommuniBee app, and act as the focal point of branding for your community. Based on existing communities, they render best and use up the maximum amount space when their dimensions are approximately 1000 pixels wide x 250 pixels tall (or a size with an aspect ratio of 4:1).

Below is a community logo placeholder with the recommended dimensions:

Sponsors, Amenities, and Events

In terms of sponsors, amenities, and events, a more ‘landscape’ format tends to render better. The cover image for these features is restricted to a maximum height of 400 pixels on these pages.

Say the typical screen renders as 600 pixels wide. If you have a square image with dimensions 400 x 400 pixels, then you’ll end up with 100 pixels of white space on each side (600 minus 400 = 200, divided by 2 = 100 pixels) .

So, the ideal size for cover images on sponsors, amenities, and events is 600 pixels wide x 400 pixels tall (or a size with an aspect ratio of 3:2).

Below is a cover image placeholder with the recommended dimensions:

Resizing Images

CommuniBee’s built-in resizing code will automatically downsize any image with a width or height of 1024 pixels, and try to optimize it so the image file size isn’t too huge. Huge files will cause slow rendering, and make the app feel more like a website than an app. That’s why we recommend you edit and optimize your images for display.

One last tip: for images that have just a handful of solid colours (like in logos), saving them as 8-bit PNGs leads to the best quality and smallest file size. For photographs with many colours, saving them as JPEGs is the way to go, with a quality setting around 65%.

These specific image settings can be set in any image editing software, such as Photoshop. An easy-to-use free image editing tool we sometimes use on Windows is Paint.NET, which you can download here.


Ensuring that your images are optimized for CommuniBee will improve your residents’ experience and make your community look that much better!

  • The CommuniBee Team