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Need a hand getting started? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.


Mobile devices (Android/iOS) and desktops through web browsers. On desktops, it would look like an expanded version of the mobile view.

Please see our pricing page for more details.

If you’re part of your community’s board or organization, you can set up your community by filling out this form

You can submit a sign up request for your community using this page.

We also recommend you email your local community association and tell them to get in touch with us so we can help them get set up!

Yes, you can invite multiple admins to manage your community. We encourage to assign different tasks to different admins, e.g. one to manage documents, one for the directory, one for events, hall management, news items, etc.

CommuniBee is designed, built, hosted, and supported by Launch57.

Yes, the same app/software is used by all communities. Members/residents can sign into their specific community version, while Admins can sign into both their community and the CommuniBee administrative dashboard.

Yes, we have been in talks with the EFCL, but as part of the City of Edmonton, they are not able to freely endorse a private company/product. They do, however, really like the app. We intend to continue to include them as we roll this app out to all community leagues in Edmonton.

We define a community as: “any group of people that share a common goal with relative permanence, likely within a defined territory or region, is distinguishable by providing a unique offering, and led by an administration focused on achieving stated goals.”

Our target audiences are: Community Leagues, Community Associations, Non-Profits Organizations, Not-For-Profit Organizations, Private For-Profit Businesses, Property Management Groups, Homeowner Associations, Condo Boards, Cities, Counties, and Towns. CommuniBee is available to organizations worldwide.


Yes, you can purchase your membership by purchasing any membership products set up by your community in the app. Simply enter your credit card information in the app during checkout. You can also set your membership to auto-renew so that you will retain your membership and remain a paid member.

Yes, you can purchase a membership through the app if you were not a member previously. Once your credit card information is entered and validated, you instantly become a member. Your digital membership card is then available through the app and to all of your linked family members. No waiting, no delay.

Yes, there is a membership import function within the admin dashboard for memberships that were processed outside of the app.

Yes, that option is built it into the app. This is a great way to retain your members easily versus reminding them every year to renew.

Yes, CommuniBee has a mass upload feature in the admin dashboard that will allow you to import members, contact information, and memberships into the app.

Yes, you can. When users buy memberships through CommuniBee, it will auto-assign a membership number based on the range you configure on the membership products. What we’d suggest is keeping a number of membership cards/numbers for physical purchase, and then setting up member number ranges (called Serial # in our screens) for auto assignment on online purchases.

No, residents can access all of the app features without a membership. Event admissions can be configured to have member and non-member pricing. We are also considering making other items available only to members (such as documents).

However, we hear it makes sense to limit what is locked down (or not lock anything at all), as you want non-members to become members. Showing the full value of what the community is offering is a great way to make this happen.

Yes, family members can be added to CommuniBee through linked accounts (located in your User Profile section). Create accounts for them and link them to yours so that you may share your membership card. This means everyone in your family would have your digital membership card on their phone.

The same can be done for event tickets. Your family members would have an e-ticket on their phone, allowing them to attend community events.

Yes, you can add any questions into CommuniBee to a survey that must be answered by all members. Members can then answer the survey in the app.

The best way to collect member profile information would be to set up a survey in CommuniBee that is always available, i.e. it never expires and is not repeatable. Or, you could set it to repeat every 365 days if you want them to fill it out every year.

Users will be prompted to fill this survey out as soon as they log into the app.

Yes, membership costs or the costs of any product (e.g. movie night) can be changed, including being made free.  We feel that with enough local sponsors, leagues may be able to reduce the annual fee to zero.

Yes, you can create as many different membership products as you like. Other communities in CommuniBee have senior, single and family memberships.

No, we do not charge any fees for membership purchase, or for any products for that matter.

eCommerce & Payment

We use Stripe for payment processing. Communities can set up a Stripe account as non-profit and get a preferred rate on the credit card processing fees.

We charge no fees, but Stripe, the payment processing service we use, charges 2.9% + 30¢ 

Anything you’d like. Most communities sell their memberships via the app as it allows people to have their membership with them at all times and makes accounting easy for the community. Other items include things like sports registration and payment + deposit for community hall rentals.

Yes, you can record cash payments within the app. 

CommuniBee and your Stripe account are two separate things. As non-profits, community leagues can get a discounted rate for credit card processing.

If you configure your Stripe account on your CommuniBee community, you will have the same Stripe processing rate that you already had in your Stripe account.


Newly added items are automatically sent out and accessible to users in real time. If you want them sent out as push notifications, you can set those up in the admin dashboard relatively quickly.

Yes, you can download documents from the app. Printing documents will require you connecting your device to a printer once the document is open.

Residents can post directly to the discussion board in the app. Admins can monitor posts and delete them if necessary. On our roadmap we intend to add categories fully configurable by your community.

Importing members allows you to add members, their family members, and their memberships into CommuniBee.

Yes, we are currently working on that feature. We anticipate completion within the next two months. We are thinking of making a separate calendar view, showing what’s available, then allowing a resident to reserve and make a deposit. We found that communities still want control over approving each rental. However, this new functionality will make it very easy compared to the current rental process.

Survey results are collected in the Surveys section of the admin dashboard, and downloadable as Excel spreadsheets.

No, we don’t do any event scraping. All events are added to the app through our admin dashboard by an administrator in the community. Our roadmap includes the ability to embed CommuniBee events into existing websites.

We currently do not have role-based system access, but that is something we have added to the product backlog.

Yes, skate tag requests are available as an option for members to fill out. With the survey system, really any kind of request could be asked for and tracked. 

You are able to view other community leagues. We do not restrict access to CLs, just like a website which is accessible to everyone.

We are building out CommuniBee’s analytics capabilities in the dashboard and make this data readily available to admins. We are looking for more input from the leagues in this area – what’s important.

As a case study, GCL has about 400 memberships and 550 total users of the app. This shows that family members are also connected.

We have search available on the directory, but will be adding a global search in the next few months.

Read more about how we guard your privacy and keep our data secure. You can also view our privacy policy.


Importing members allows you to add members, their family members, and their memberships into CommuniBee.

One league has over 700 members in the app, and over 550 have logged into the app. The rest are members that would have been imported from a spreadsheet.

We also intend to attract more resident sign-ups through the campaigns at local national chain restaurants with table tent advertisements with prize draws.

People can log into CommuniBee with their Facebook or Google account. It would also probably make sense to link to the community’s Facebook page through the Amenities page, or on the Directory page.

We will be adding widgets that allow news feed and events to be embedded in a web page. Facebook and Instagram, while great platforms, don’t actually enable you to reach 100% of your followers, as they use algorithms to filter what each user sees.

Yes, email verification is required for registration, and this will prevent robots/spam.

We can likely set something up like that for you, but are still exploring the best possible way to do that.

We recommend keeping your website so that your community can be found. Not everyone has Facebook. Keep the site static with only key information about your league. Have all the dynamic items on the CommuniBee app and encourage all residents to download it from the Apple App or Google Play stores, or the web version. We can help you create/update your website with the appropriate links.

Yes, you can always delete your account, as well as all connected data.

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