How Can I Help My Community While Physically Distancing?

Image of a sign that says, "Sorry We're Closed But Still Awesome."

We need to stick together, now more than ever.

Although our ability to gather physically is currently limited, we need to continue to stick together to support our family, friends, and community in these uncertain times. CommuniBee can help residents stay connected with their communities. 

Checking In

Check in and stay connected with your community. Social (physically) distancing is an adjustment for many. We need to look out for each other, especially the elderly, immunocompromised, or self-isolated people who may really need some help at this time.


Food, cleaning supplies, etc. can be sparse these days, with grocery shelves emptying quickly. If you have extra things or can share some of your items, leave them on your door step for porch pickup. Set up a classifieds listings if your community has something like that.

Order Online

Check in online with your local butchers, grocers, restaurants, liquor stores, etc. Many businesses have adopted a curb side order delivery that you can take advantage of while in-store shopping is limited. As a bonus, you are supporting local businesses! You can even coordinate online with a neighbour and pick up their order as well.

Help Each Other Out

The CommuniBee app features a section called the forums that allows members and admins to communicate in discussion threads. You can set up categories within the forum, such as General, Classifieds, Snow Removal, Grocery Pickup, Babysitting, and more.

Members can post if they are looking for babysitting jobs, can pick up and deliver groceries, or volunteer to shovel your driveway. They help create a community that’s helpful and still connected. 

Have Fun While Distancing

Don’t forget to have some fun (while keeping your distance)! You could use CommuniBee’s events calendar to keep your neighbours informed of fun activites and ideas. Some ideas include colouring easter egg pictures and putting them in your windows, and building snow eggs on your front lawn and colouring them with food colouring. Kids can then go for walks and discover them around the neighbourhood, all while minimizing physical contact.

You can also arrange scavenger hunts, organize bingo games, post virtual yoga/workout sessions, and even post links to ride the rides in Disneyland virtually. The list goes on and on! 

Board Member Meetings

Most meetings are being held remotely, and CommuniBee can help with this.  Board members can schedule meetings through the events calendar and use the uploads section to create a section of all of the minutes or newsletters to share with residents.  Don’t forget to use our push notification feature to keep your residents up to date with the latest information.

CommuniBee can be used in so many ways to help your community stay connected. We’re in a time where we need to come together as a community and support each other, and an app can certainly help make that happen.

Stay safe and healthy!

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