Parent/Child Communities

Add content to multiple communities from one parent community. Just like a city sharing content with all or just some of its communities.

One of the challenges for members of any community is finding content that is relevant to them. The options are usually limited to going to one big source and scanning for something useful, or more likely, visiting many different sites.

CommuniBee has a parent/child concept that allows more targeted distribution of information to your community members. Users join a community at the smallest granularity, like a neighbourhood or a team and receive information relevant to them from various sources.

In our diagram below we use county/town/neighbourhoods to depict what this might look like. But a similar approach could be used in many different organizations, i.e. group of buildings/specific building/specific floor, or company/department/team.

Flowchart of how parent and child communities can be connected using CommuniBee.
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