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How We Define Community

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A Community is any organization sharing common interests and goals amongst its members, and has a leadership group ensuring members can achieve them.

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Who Is Using CommuniBee

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Local Communities

Towns, community associations, neighborhoods

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Clubs & Societies

Non-profits and not-for-profits

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Property Management

Condo boards, property management companies


Seniors activity centers, cultural or entertainment districts

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Businesses looking for closer relationships with their customers

What Is CommuniBee?

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Communicate With And Engage Your Members

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Posts and Newsletters

Keep members engaged and informed with an active, real-time news feed

Content Management

Simplified page building, integrated with your programs and events, products, fundraising

Events & Programs

Sell tickets to events and programs, promote, manage attendees, see results


Build an online shop, manage orders, create bundles, get analytics


Get immediate feedback from your members are any time


Manage campaigns, accept donations, run silent auctions and raffles, promote sponsors

Discussion Forums

Configurable categories for discussion threads, and self-moderate

Manage Your Team

You are not alone! Manage staff or volunteers to help, controlling admin functions they have access to.

Documents & Directory

Make key documents available to your members

Integrated Support

Manage user requests through the dashboard rather than getting swamped by emails


Automated translations for more inclusivity in today's diverse communities

Content Targeting

Users can filter content by interest, admins can create cohorts like volunteer groups, board members, etc

Artificial Intelligence

A multilingual AI chatbot designed for your community. Ask questions in any language using written text or voice commands

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Used By Communities Like Yours

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Most communities struggle to get more participation from their residents. The old methods are too expensive and just aren’t working.

Real-Time Communication

Notifications, news updates, member inquiries, forums

Improved Reach

Reach 100% of your audience, not guaranteed on social media!

Improved Awareness

Promote community, events, programs, local businesses

Easy Event Management

Sell tickets, promote, manage attendance, analyze results

Consolidated Management

Manage outreach and engagement, volunteers, fundraising campaigns, events, all from one platform

Reduce Costs!

Simple, competitive and transparent pricing and less platforms to use means less headaches and lower costs

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"Thank you for your generosity and the outstanding work on Glastonbury's community league mobile app! Everyone we worked with had such a great attitude and expertise, we knew we were in the right hands, and still are with excellent ongoing maintenance and hosting service. Glastonbury Community League highly recommends CommuniBee, you won't be disappointed."
Laurie Matheson
Communications Director,Glastonbury Community League
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