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Getting Started

Returning Bid Beacon admin?

Returning Raffle Rocket admin?

Web Presence

Add pages to your website

General website settings

Add and manage your directory

Create a resources home page

Set up categories for resources

Upload resources for your members

Replace your existing website

Connect with google analytics

Member Management

Onboard users

Create user groups

Add and manage memberships

Set up profile surveys

Configure signup wizard

eCommerce Marketplace

Monitor sales activity

Create an eCommerce marketplace

Manage orders and add manual orders

Add products to sell

Create and apply specials

Create product categories

Event Management

Monitor event activity

Create an event

Set up event categories

General event settings

Engagement Management

Monitor engagement activity

Create and manage posts

Create and manage newsletters

Set a featured item

Build a survey

Manage incoming support requests

Promote a campaign


Additional Resources

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