Community setup

Signing up with CommuniBee is the first step towards accessing a comprehensive suite of community management tools. Get started by signing in or creating a CommuniBee account. If you have an existing Bid Beacon account, you can use those credentials here too.

Register and Log In

Utilize Facebook or Google for an expedited sign-in experience, or select Create An Account and enter the details below:

  • Email Address: This will be your username and primary contact email for all CommuniBee communications. Your contact email can be updated anytime through your profile settings.
  • Password
  • First Name
  • Last Name

Create Your Community

Once logged in, it’s time to define your community by entering a few key details:

  • Community Name
  • City, State/Province, Country: This information sets the currency for all e-commerce transactions.
  • Organization Type: Choose the category that best fits your organization. Your selection here customizes your CommuniBee experience.

Choosing a Template

The next step is to select a template for your community. Our collection of templates, designed to serve as a starting point, reflects a range of organizational types and demonstrates CommuniBee’s versatile features. Following your organization type selection, we’ll recommend a template that aligns with your needs. You’re free to Preview templates before deciding, ensuring you choose one that truly resonates with your vision.

When you find your preferred template, hit Next to copy its content and structure into your community. This process imports sample content, which you can customize or replace with your own to quickly get started.

If none of the templates match your preference, choose Start from scratch to begin with a clean slate.

Next Steps

After selecting a template or opting to start from scratch, you’ll have the opportunity to subscribe to CommuniBee. You can subscribe immediately or choose Finish to decide later. Don’t worry, you don’t need a subscription to access the many great features CommuniBee has to offer.

Next, you’ll be directed to the Engagement tab. If you’ve chosen a template, you can view your brand new CommuniBee site through the View Site option to see the initial setup.

Tip: When making changes in your Management Dashboard, regularly preview changes in your CommuniBee site.

To continue setting up the rest of your community, click on the Community Setup tab from the left side menu.

Organization Details

Now that your community is created, you can start entering in additional details and customizing your community settings. From the Community Setup menu option, click on the Organization tab.

From here, you can enter the remaining fields:

  • Site URL: Initially set as your organization name, but this can be customized.
  • About: Provide a description of your community.
  • Timezone: Ensure the timing of events, emails, and programs align with your local time by selecting the appropriate timezone.

Fields like Organization Name and Contact Name are filled from your registration information but are editable anytime. These details can be integrated into your site’s customizable footer for easy access by your guests. To quickly view your CommuniBee site, click Visit Site.

Archive Community: If needed, you can delete your community from the Advanced section. Click on Show and then Archive Community. Ensure there are no pending orders or outstanding amounts in your Community’s Billing History before doing so. Remember, deleting your community is permanent and should only be considered if you no longer need the community.

System Emails

This feature is coming in a future release, but with System Emails, you can specify the types of notifications that your admins receive throughout your community.


Adjust your community’s settings, organized by area to streamline management across e-commerce, events, and site options.

Tip: Periodically revisit these settings to ensure they align with your community’s evolving needs.


This feature is coming in a future release and will allow you to create forms that your members can fill out prior to taking specific actions within your community. For example, guests might have to fill out a form before they can sign up to an event or purchase a membership.

Social Sharing

Enhance your organization’s online presence by linking your social media accounts directly through CommuniBee. This functionality supports connections to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Once linked, you have the option to display the corresponding social media icons both in your website’s footer and within the email campaigns you distribute. This seamless integration not only elevates your social media visibility but also encourages your community to engage with your organization across multiple platforms.


To enable online payment collection in your community for marketplace sales, event ticket sales, and donations, set up Express Banking through Stripe Connect. This service processes the transactions and directly deposits earnings into your bank account, with CommuniBee’s platform fee of 4.9% and Stripe’s processing fees automatically deducted from each transaction.

Enhanced Payment Flexibility With a Subscription

A subscription to CommuniBee offers significant advantages:

  • Reduced Platform Fees: Lowering both the standard platform fee and the auction platform fee cap* ensures more cost-effective transactions across CommuniBee, Bid Beacon, and Raffle Rocket.
  • Alternate Payment Options: Gain access to a wider array of payment methods, including Stripe (non-Connect version), Square, PayPal, and offline payment options like cash payments, providing versatility in how you collect payments. Invoicing for platform fees occurs on the 25th of each month, with automatic billing (against the credit card used to subscribe) occurring on the 1st of the following month.

*Note: The auction platform fee cap limits the maximum platform fees charged for a single auction, ensuring cost predictability for your events. The reduced platform fee from your active subscription extends to transactions conducted via Bid Beacon and Raffle Rocket, aligning fees across services.

Completely Secure

No credit card information is passed through or stored on our servers. Electronic payments through CommuniBee are supported by the following PCI compliant providers: Stripe, Square, and PayPal.

Explore subscription plans by clicking Subscribe Now or visiting the Subscription tab to understand how you can benefit from reduced fees and additional payment methods.


Easily manage your community’s subscription to CommuniBee via the Subscription tab. Here, you can view details of your active subscription, such as the tier, platform fee, expiry date, and renewal period (monthly or annually). Adjustments to your subscription, including upgrades, downgrades, or cancellations, can be made anytime to suit your community’s needs. Downgrading or canceling retains your benefits until the end of the current billing cycle, while upgrading grants immediate access to the new plan’s benefits.

  • Modifying Payment Information: Access Manage Payment Information to change your default payment method, add new ones, or update billing details.
  • Billing History: Find your community’s billing activity under View Billing History in the Manage Subscription section or via the Billing History tab on the left menu.

Billing History

This section provides a comprehensive record of your community’s billing activities, including:

  • Subscription renewals
  • Platform fee invoicing/receipts from Bid Beacon silent auctions or Raffle Rocket raffles
  • Summarized Platform fee invoicing/receipts for community transactions such as ticket, product sales, and donations.

Billing History Table: Displays each transaction’s description, date, status, and amount. Use the View button for detailed bill information and to download invoices or receipts.

Filtering: Search or use the dropdown to filter by status for easier navigation.

Billing statuses include:

  • Outstanding: Bills awaiting payment. Choose ‘View’ to settle outstanding invoices.
  • Paid: Completed payments with downloadable receipts.
  • Refunded: Transactions that have been reversed.
  • Void: Cancelled, unpaid bills.

Community Sharing

This feature is coming in a future release and will allow communities to be linked together so that content can be seamlessly shared from one community to another. Perfect for organizations with many chapters.