Our Community Management Suite Helps You

Raise More

Create campaigns, accept donations, promote sponsors, source items, and run online silent auctions and raffles.​

eCommerce Marketplace​

Build an online marketplace, manage orders, create bundles, and apply special discounts to products.

Events & Programs​

Set up and sell tickets to events and programs, promote and manage attendees, and monitor activity.

Membership Management​

Create, manage, promote, and sell memberships to your community members, and streamline renewals easily.

Stay Organized
Team Management​

Get your team involved! Manage staff and volunteers by controlling the admin functions they have access to.​

Documents & Directory​

Stay organized by making key documents and contact details available to your staff and community members.

Website Management​

Use samples to build a new website or integrate pages like a marketplace or event calendar to an existing site.

Reporting & Analytics​

Monitor your community’s performance in real-time through our executive dashboards and exportable reports.

Reach Your Audience
Posts and Newsletters​

Keep community members engaged and informed by sharing content through an active, real-time news feed.

Email Marketing​

Create email campaigns that can be targeted to specific audiences within your community and scheduled in advance.

Content Targeting​

Users can filter content by interests, and admins can create cohorts like volunteer groups, board members, etc.


Automatically translates to over 120+ languages, supporting our diverse communities and promoting inclusivity.

Boost Engagement

Create surveys that can be sent out to your community members and get immediate feedback at any time.


Receive email and SMS notifications, and create self-moderated discussion forums for you and your network.​

Integrated Support​

Monitor and manage user requests through the dashboard rather than getting swamped by support emails.

Artificial Intelligence​

A multilingual AI chatbot designed for your community. Ask questions in any language using text or voice prompts.​

Feature Highlight: Fundraising Campaigns

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