Returning Bid Beacon admin

Welcome Back! As a returning Bid Beacon user, we are excited to share that your existing Bid Beacon account now serves as your key to unlocking the vast array of features within CommuniBee Suite (CBS)! This integration means more tools, more flexibility, and even greater potential for your fundraising efforts, all accessible with the login credentials you already use.

Welcome to an expanded world of possibilities for managing and growing your community engagements!

CommuniBee Suite: Expanding Your Fundraising Toolkit

You can now manage all areas of your fundraising events and activities within a single platform. CommuniBee Suite is not just an addition but an enhancement to your fundraising toolkit, offering a broad range of tools for year-round engagement:

  • Event Management: Create, sell tickets, and manage attendees with ease.
  • Continuous Fundraising: Accept donations and sell merchandise any time.
  • Fundraising Campaigns: Launch and share fundraising campaigns with your audience.
  • Web Presence: Build or enhance your website using our webpage builder.
  • Digital Marketing: Promote activities and track performance with our marketing tools.
  • Raffles: Organize 50/50s and other raffles, supporting both online and offline draws.

With your Bid Beacon account as your passport, CommuniBee Suite opens up a universe of tools designed to support and amplify your fundraising efforts throughout the year. You’re free to dive into these features as much or as little as you like. Whether sticking solely to Bid Beacon for auctions or taking full advantage what CBS has to offer, the choice is yours, with no need for a new account. Your Bid Beacon login now opens the door to CommuniBee Suite, ensuring a smooth transition to more tools with just a few clicks.

What's Changing with Bid Beacon?

Bid Beacon remains your go-to silent auction app, now complemented by CBS’s extended toolkit. We’ve listened to your feedback and have streamlined our plans to focus on the Full Auction plan, retiring the Build Your Auction plan. This change takes the guesswork out of fundraising by offering unlimited auction size and access to all Bid Beacon features.

Introducing Platform Fee Caps: A Fundraiser's Dream

In addition to simplifying our plans, we’re thrilled to introduce platform fee caps — a game-changer for fundraisers. With this new feature, raising more doesn’t mean paying more. Our fee caps ensure that your success in raising funds doesn’t lead to increased costs. This is the predictability and security every fundraiser wishes for, eliminating the financial uncertainties of scaling up your auction.

Subscriptions and Savings with CommuniBee Suite

The Full Auction plan starts with a 4.9% platform fee. However, with a CommuniBee subscription, you can significantly reduce this fee and the auction platform fee cap, ensuring more of the funds raised go directly to your cause. Not only this, but a subscription also introduces the flexibility of alternate payment options. This flexible structure is designed to maximize your revenue retention across all fundraising activities. To learn more about the subscription tiers available, visit CommuniBee Suite’s pricing page.

Your journey with Bid Beacon now extends into the broader, feature-rich landscape of CommuniBee Suite, your all-in-one platform that puts the fun back into fundraising!

Explore the expanded capabilities at your fingertips and discover how we can help you achieve even greater success in your community engagement and fundraising goals.

See the full list of CBS features and what’s upcoming.