Customize your CommuniBee site

Personalize the look and feel of your CommuniBee site to make it uniquely your own. Easily apply a color scheme, adjust fonts, upload your logo, and configure your site menus to align with your brand.

To start, select the Content tab from the left side menu. This will present a secondary menu with additional tabs for adding Pages, Resources, and more. As well as a section for Site Configuration. The Site Configuration tools will empower you to customize your site’s appearance and functionality, ensuring it perfectly represents your community’s identity.

Home Page

Easily set up your community’s home page to welcome members. Your initial setup options depend on your choice during onboarding: using a community template or starting from scratch.

  • Starting from Scratch: First, create a page you want to use as your home page. Then, in the Home Page setup section, select CommuniBee Home Page and choose your created page to set it as the home page.
  • Using a Community Template: Templates come with a pre-set home page, which you can either customize or replace. To make changes, simply select Edit Home Page in the setup section and modify it to suit your community’s needs.
  • Linking to an External Website: For those integrating CommuniBee with an existing website, choose the External Home Page option. By entering your website’s URL, clicking on your logo within the CommuniBee site will direct users back to your external site, ensuring a smooth transition between the two.

This setup ensures your community site’s home page aligns with your vision and provides a seamless experience for your members.

Site Menus

Efficient navigation is key to a user-friendly website. We offer three menu configurations to enhance your site’s navigability:

Site Footer

Customize the footer that appears at the bottom of every page on your CommuniBee site, to enhance your site’s professionalism and navigability. A default footer is automatically included, featuring essential details such as:

  • Community name
  • Community address
  • Contact email and phone

You can choose to either build on this default footer, start from scratch and create one yourself, or you may wish to remove the footer from your site altogether.

  • Modify the Default Footer: Select the Default Footer under Existing Footers to edit.
  • Create a New Footer: Input a Footer Name and click Create New Footer to start fresh.
  • Remove the Footer: Select the Default Footer under Existing Footers, then select Remove As Site Footer. You may add a footer later.

Upon editing or creating a new footer, you’ll access the Build Your Footer page. Click the edit icon on the right side of the footer block to customize the appearance. This will open the editor, where you can:

  • Adjust General Styling: Expand the General Block Styling section by selecting the arrow. You can alter the background and font colors, as well as the padding and margins of your footer.
  • Add Text: Incorporate a Header or additional content for a personalized touch.
  • Configure Pre-set Display Options: Show or hide fixed details. To alter the content of these options, you must go to their specific setup tab in the Organization’s settings.
    • Community name, address, email, phone number
    • Quick links: Configure in the Footer Menu Configuration section.

You can add extra page blocks above or below the footer for more content, but for most, the footer itself suffices.

This setup ensures your footer not only carries all necessary community information but also matches your site’s aesthetic and functional needs.


To enhance your CommuniBee site’s usability, we offer essential accessibility features that can be easily activated. These include:

  • Zoom Control: Allows users to adjust the website’s zoom level, improving readability and visibility
  • Language Selection: With over 100 languages available, this feature allows users to view your CommuniBee site in the language of their choice.

While these features are always accessible via the user’s Profile, activating them in the Accessibility Setup will position them prominently above the Top Menu, making them immediately available for users who may need them.


This is where you can begin to really personalize your community. As you make changes, you can get a quick idea of how this will appear on your site in the Branding Preview.

Tip: It’s always recommended to preview your CommuniBee site as you make adjustments in the Management dashboard. We suggest having your site at least partially set up before you adjust the Branding settings. This allows you to see how your branding settings apply to all areas of your site.

Tip: The Color Picker tool allows you to input the Hex, RGB, or HSL codes directly. This way you can achieve an exact color match without having to manually adjust the slider. Simply enter your desired code into the Color Picker to instantly apply your brand’s specific color. Use the up/down arrows next to the Hex code input to toggle to RGB and HSL.

After finalizing your choices, click Save to apply your branding settings.