Set up an online raffle

Interested in organizing a raffle fundraiser? Meet Raffle Rocket, our dedicated raffle platform, seamlessly integrated with the CommuniBee Suite. Since 2022, Raffle Rocket has been empowering fundraisers to amplify their contributions to their causes. Create your raffle on Raffle Rocket, and effortlessly promote it within your community.

Raffle Rocket supports three prize types (50/50, Cash Prize, and Non-Cash Prizes). A raffle can have up to five prizes which includes optional early bird prizes.

Getting started is easy! If you have a CommuniBee account, just sign in, head over to the Fundraising section in your community’s Management dashboard, and click on the Raffles tab.

If you’re already a Raffle Rocket user, simply create your CommuniBee account using the same email address. After setting up your CommuniBee account, navigate to the Raffles tab and follow the instructions on the page to easily link your Raffle Rocket and CommuniBee accounts together.

For an in-depth guide on getting started with Raffle Rocket, we have a library of support resources to help guide you through the steps to creating and managing your raffle.

Our support guides cover the following topics:

New to hosting raffle fundraising events? We have relevant blogs that provide tips, tricks, best practices, and more, to help you run successful raffles.

See our Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to popular questions about Raffle Rocket and hosting raffle events.

Remember, raffles are subject to strict regulations that vary by location. Contact your local gaming authority to ensure your raffle complies with legal requirements.

Interested in only using Raffle Rocket? No worries—utilizing CommuniBee’s extra features is entirely up to you. You can sign up for Raffle Rocket directly and manage your raffle without needing to explore further.