Monitoring fundraising activity


Looking for an overview of your fundraising activity? Click on the Fundraising menu option which will take you to the Dashboard tab. From here, you can view at-a-glance the revenue generated from each fundraising activity, offering key details on the performance of the fundraisers you host.

At the top of this page, you can filter the available data by the following date range options:

  • Past 7 Days
  • Past 30 Days
  • Past 90 Days
  • Past 180 Days
  • Past Year
  • All Time
  • Today
  • Or set a Custom Range

With a date range selected, you can quickly see your Total Revenue and the revenue generated from each type of fundraising activity. Fundraising activities include Bid Beacon Auctions, Donations, Raffle Rocket Raffles, Sponsorships, and if linked to a Fundraising campaign, Events and Products.

Included on this page are various charts to help admins visualize the performance of their fundraising efforts. The date range you select above will apply to these visuals as well.


  • Raised By Activity (%): Presented as a pie chart and shows total amount raised by each fundraising activity.
  • Total Revenue: Presented as a bar chart and shows the total revenue earned by day or week. Alternatively, you can filter this chart to view Auction Revenue, Donation Revenue, Event Revenue, Product Revenue, Raffle Revenue, or Sponsorship Revenue.


  • Fundraising Campaigns: Shows all recent, active and upcoming fundraising campaigns, and how much each campaign has raised to date.
  • Auctions: Shows recent, active and upcoming Bid Beacon auctions, and how much each auction has raised to date.
  • Raffles: Shows all recent, active and upcoming Raffle Rocket raffles, and how much each raffle has raised to date.
  • Events: Shows all recent, active and upcoming events that are associated with a fundraising campaign. We also provide the number of registrations and total earned from ticket sales for each event listed.