Manage your donors


Interested in knowing who has donated to your community? You can view all of your community donors, including how many times and how much they’ve donated, easily from one location. From the Fundraising menu option, select the Donors tab. From here, a list of all your donors will appear. The All Donors table will show the Donor Name (unless anonymous), the donor’s Email, whether they are a Registered User, Total Donated, Donations Made, and the date of their Last Donation. All of this can be exported into a .CSV file to further slice and dice the data as needed.

For each donor listed, you can click the View button to get donor-specific information. At the top of this page, you can filter the available data by the following date range options:

  • Past 7 Days
  • Past 30 Days
  • Past 90 Days
  • Past 180 Days
  • Past Year
  • All Time
  • Today
  • Or set a Custom Range

With a date range selected, you can quickly see a donor’s total number of Donations, amount Donated, their Lifetime Donations, and the Lifetime Donated.

Included on this page are various charts to help admins visualize the activity of their donors. The date range you select above will apply to these visuals as well.


  • Donations: Presented as a bar chart and shows the total number of donations by day or week.
  • Donated: Presented as a bar chart and shows the total amount donated by day or week.


  • All Donations: Shows a list of all the donations made by a donor which includes the Donation Campaign name, the Date of the donation, the amount Donated, and any Notes that were included.