Monitor sales activity

Looking for an overview to see all of your marketplace activity? Click on the Marketplace menu option which will take you to the Dashboard tab. From here, you can monitor key details on the performance of your marketplace.


At the top of this page, you can filter the available data by the following date range options:

  • Past 7 Days
  • Past 30 Days
  • Past 90 Days
  • Past 180 Days
  • Past Year
  • All Time
  • Today
  • Or set a Custom Range

With a date range selected, you can quickly see Gross Revenue, Products Purchased, number of Transactions, total Unique Customers, and amount of Refunds (if any). Regardless of your date range, you can see your marketplace’s Gross Revenue Lifetime.

Included on this page are various charts to help admins visualize the performance of their marketplace. The date range you select above will apply to these visuals as well.


  • Gross Revenue: Presented as a bar chart and shows total revenue earned by day or week. Alternatively, you filter this chart to view eWallet Sales, Online Sales, Offline Sales, and Deferred Sales.
  • Transactions: Presented as a bar chart and shows the total number of transactions made by day or week. Alternatively, you can filter this chart to view the number of Products Sold, and Specials Sold.
  • Revenue by Payment Type: Presented as a pie chart and shows which payment types are most commonly used when making a purchase.


In addition to the quick snapshot that the Dashboard tab provides, admins can download exportable .CSV reports from the Reports tab. On this page, you can filter your data using the same date ranges listed above.

Once a date range is set, you can download your marketplace data and work with it a tool like Excel. These are the following exportable reports:

  • Inventory: Export a snapshot of your current product inventory which includes pending sales.
  • Transactions: Export transaction records that includes customer information, applicable taxes and fees, and the payment method used.
  • Transaction Details: Export transaction details that includes customer information, quantities of products purchased, and the total price paid.