Create custom images with AI

In CommuniBee, if you find yourself without a feature image for your content, you’re not at a dead end. Using advanced AI, you can generate unique, custom images right within the platform! When creating a page in Communibee, you will find Bobbee on the General tab. This tool leverages artificial intelligence to create images based on textual descriptions, offering a seamless way to produce visually appealing graphics for your feature cards.

Create compelling visuals for events, news posts, marketplace items, or craft unique artwork for special sections or themes within your community site.

Crafting the Perfect Prompt

These curated tips will help you transform your ideas into compelling visuals. But don’t worry about getting the perfect prompt on your first try. Image generation using AI can be an iterative exercise, where you continue to tweak your prompt until you get your desired result. Play around with it by using different tips provided below to find your groove!

  1. Precision and Detail: Begin with clarity. The richness of your image is directly tied to the specifics you provide. Mention the environment, key objects, color schemes, and any unique elements that should be included. For instance, instead of simply requesting “a park,” specify “a sunlit park with autumn leaves and a winding path.”
  2. Setting the Scene with Mood: Conveying the right atmosphere is crucial. Use mood descriptors like “peaceful,” “energetic,” “enigmatic,” or “avant-garde” to guide the AI towards your envisioned ambiance.
  3. The Power of Adjectives: Enhance your descriptions with adjectives to get closer to your ideal image. A “sleek, black, futuristic car” paints a much clearer picture than just “a car.”
  4. Perspective and Composition Matter: Indicate your preferred viewpoint or composition, such as “zoomed-in on a bee on a flower” or “a panoramic view of a bustling city market,” to help frame your scene effectively.
  5. Illuminate with Lighting: The right lighting sets the mood. Clarify if your scene unfolds under the “bright noon sun,” “in the soft glow of twilight,” or “amidst the neon lights of a city at night.”
  6. Action Brings Life: Dynamic scenes capture attention. Detail any movement or action, like “leaves swirling in the wind” versus a static scene.
  7. Simplicity and Focus: While detail is key, a convoluted prompt can lead to mixed results. Aim for a balanced description that captures your vision without overwhelming the AI.
  8. Drawing Parallels: Employ analogies or comparisons for style or effect, such as “as if painted by Monet” or “echoing the solitude of an Edward Hopper scene.”
  9. Declare Your Style: If you’re aiming for a specific artistic style or theme, make it known. Mention “a steampunk gadget workshop” or “a serene Japanese Zen Garden” to steer the creative direction.
  10. The Iterative Process: Finding the perfect image might require adjustments. View initial outcomes as starting points for refining your prompts.

By integrating these strategies, you’re equipped to leverage Bobbee for generating images that not only match your vision but also enhance the appeal and engagement of your CommuniBee content.

Remember that while AI can generate images based on a wide range of prompts, it’s important to use this tool ethically. Avoid creating or sharing images that could be misleading, infringe on copyrights, or violate privacy rights.