How to hide or delete pages

A full written guide with screenshots is coming soon!

Have you accidentally created one too many pages, or simply want to delete pages created from the template you chose? We will go over how you can hide or permanently remove pages from your CommuniBee site.

The steps to hiding or removing pages will be the same, regardless of the page type. So for all forms of content, from events and products in your marketplace, to categories and static pages, follow these same steps to clean up your CommuniBee site and management dashboard.

Follow the steps below to hide or remove specific pages:

  1. Click into the page you want to hide or remove, and navigate to its Visibility tab. For example, if you wanted to hide a static page, click on the Content tab, click Pages, click View on the specific page you want to edit, and then click on the Visibility tab.
  2. Update the Status to Draft or Archived. Both options make it so the page is only accessible to your admins from the management dashboard, effectively hiding the page from your CommuniBee site.
  3. To permanently remove the page from your management dashboard, make sure the Status is set to Archived.
  4. Once archived, navigate to the page’s General tab.
  5. Click on the Delete button and then Confirm. *IMPORTANT* This is a non-reversable action so be 100% certain you want to delete the page before doing so.
Simply repeat the steps above to hide or delete additional pages from your CommuniBee site!