Monitor engagement activity

Here is where you can get a high-level overview of everything going on within your community. Click on the Engagement menu option which will take you to the Dashboard tab. From here, you can monitor key details on the performance of your events, fundraising activities, marketplace sales, and more.

Upcoming Events

This section contains details on all of your upcoming events. The table provided lists the event Name, Date, number of Registered guests, and total Revenue if an event is selling tickets. Each event can be clicked into for more information, or you can click on the All Events button to view and manage more than just the upcoming events. Within this section, click on the Dashboard button to quickly navigate over to view an event-specific dashboard.

Learn more about monitoring event activities.

Current Fundraising Activities

For your fundraising campaigns and associated events, online auctions, and online raffles, this section provides a detailed overview of your fundraising efforts. Every activity is linked so it’s quick and easy to navigate to all aspects of your fundraiser. As funds are raised, goals for each activity are visible and update in real time. For a more detailed view on all these fundraising activities, click on the Dashboard button.

Learn more about monitoring fundraising activities.

Marketplace – Open Orders

For communities that have an active marketplace, you will see the most recent open orders in this section. For each order listed, you can see the customer’s name, order date, order amount, fulfillment type, and the state of the order. See our guide on managing orders for a refresher on everything related to online orders. You will also have quick-link buttons to jump over to manage all your orders and see every open order. Like the other sections, a Dashboard tab is available and will take you to the marketplace-specific dashboard for more detailed information.

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