Allow Bid Beacon Admins to Manage Your Community

Bid Beacon is now seamlessly integrated with CommuniBee, enhancing your ability to manage and expand community engagement. By harnessing CommuniBee’s features alongside Bid Beacon, you gain access to a broader set of tools to enhance your fundraising efforts.

Adding administrators to your auction in Bid Beacon doesn’t also grant them access to your Management Dashboard in CommuniBee. You may wish to consider granting CommuniBee admin privileges to your Bid Beacon administrators to allow your team to manage all aspects of your community and auction efforts. This ensures a unified management experience, maximizing the impact of your events.

To get started, select Open CommuniBee within your auction or access your community’s Management Dashboard directly (logging in using your Bid Beacon credentials).

Add Users

Navigate to the Users tab in your Management Dashboard and click the Add User button. On the Details tab, fill in their user information. Ensure the Contact Email provided here matches the email address used in Bid Beacon.

  • Required: First Name, Last Name, Contact Email [Should match the email used in Bid Beacon]
  • Optional: Profile Image, Phone Number, Billing Address

Roles and Groups

Next, you will need to grant the user Admin privileges.

Under the Roles and Groups tab, set the user’s access level by selecting Admin. The user will now have admin level access in your auction and community, to help with all aspects of your fundraiser!