Revolutionize Your Fundraising Strategy: A Deep Dive Into Fundraising Campaigns

As of June 2023, 34% of charities in Canada have reported decreased donor levels. We understand this struggle and have created a Fundraising Campaign feature within CommuniBee Suite that allows you to streamline and organize all your fundraising endeavours in one centralized location, effectively aiding your organization in raising more funds.  

This versatile feature allows you to seamlessly connect specific merchandise, auctions, raffles, donation pages (including peer-to-peer), events, and sponsors within a single campaign page. All proceeds generated from the linked items, events, and sponsors contribute towards the overarching campaign goal, providing a consolidated and efficient approach to fundraising.  

When sponsors are integrated into your campaign page, you have the option to showcase their sponsorship amount. Each sponsor receives their dedicated page with a clickable website URL, ensuring easy user access. Including sponsorship amounts in your campaign will foster a cohesive experience for both sponsors and users alike.

Fundraising Campaign Example

CommuniBee Suite allows you to customize the number of fundraising activities to suit your preferences. Additionally, CommuniBee Suite is unique as it enables you to set campaigns with no fixed end date, giving you the freedom to add items or events at your convenience. For instance, envision raising funds for a new school wing – kick off with a winter auction and seamlessly transition to a spring auction, all while showcasing seasonal merchandise.  

You will unlock the power of effortless peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns with CommuniBee Suite’s innovative share link feature. Our platform simplifies the process for administrators to generate a share link. Once shared, users can create a personalized URL for seamless sharing within their network. Additionally, administrators can manually create unique share links directly through the campaign dashboard. Our peer-to-peer feature allows organizations to gain valuable insights, tracking unique share link analytics such as views, clicks, click rate, order rate, and total revenue raised. This advanced tracking system enhances your fundraising strategy, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of your peer-to-peer campaign’s impact.

The administrator will discover the simplicity of real-time campaign monitoring with CommuniBee Suite’s user-friendly features. The Campaign Dashboard empowers administrators by providing a centralized hub for tracking the revenue generated from the fundraising activities linked to their campaign. This single page offers a comprehensive overview of donations, auction revenue, raffle revenue, event revenue, eCommerce revenue, and sponsorships – all in real time. All data is presented with high-level visuals, providing quick insights into your most successful fundraising endeavours. For a deeper understanding of your fundraising activities, simply click into any of your activities to access more detailed analytics. For instance, within the campaign overview, you can click on the donation hyperlink to see all your recent and top donors. 

Moreover, CommuniBee Suite enhances the analytical experience with convenient reporting tools. You can dive into detailed analytics and reports effortlessly within the Campaign Dashboard. If you prefer a customized approach, these reports are exportable, allowing you to manipulate and analyze the data according to your preferences.

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