Recap: Exciting Fundraising Initiatives Take Flight

This season, the Edmonton Riverhawks are soaring to new heights with dynamic fundraising activities powered by Launch57’s cutting-edge products: Raffle RocketBid Beacon, and CommuniBee SuiteWith 27 home games this season, fans and supporters will have an array of opportunities to contribute to the Riverhawks Community Foundation’s mission while enjoying the thrills of the baseball season. 

In particular, CommuniBee Suite acts as the central hub for all the Riverhawks fundraising activities. CommuniBee allows the Riverhawks Community Foundation to collect online donations over the course of the season, while also managing all their fundraising initiatives. With a tool like CommuniBee, the Riverhawks Community Foundation can efficiently coordinate their fundraising efforts game by game, ensuring maximum impact and community involvement. 

And that’s not all! The Riverhawks are leveraging our other products to modernize their fundraising initiatives. At every home game, fans can participate in online 50/50 raffles and silent auctions! Our team is beyond excited to support the Riverhawks and their Community Foundation this season. To learn more about everything going on, please read the full article.