Set up with Stripe

With CommuniBee, you can choose to subscribe (monthly or annually) to unlock the use of Alternate Payments. 

Alternate Payments includes Stripe, Square, PayPal, and offline acceptance (cash, check, e-transfer, etc.). Invoicing for platform fees occurs on the 25th of each month, with automatic billing (against the credit card used to subscribe) occurring on the 1st of the following month.

For quicker set up, it is recommended to use two browser tabs.

In one internet browser, open your CommuniBee dashboard and navigate to Community Setup and then click on the Banking tab. From this screen, select Stripe under the Select Provider section. If this option is unavailable, you will need to purchase a CommuniBee subscription first.

In a second internet tab, log in to Stripe by signing in or creating a new account. Once signed in, navigate to your Stripe dashboard.

  • In the upper right side of your dashboard, click Developers

In the left side menu, click API keys

  • Ensure you are viewing Live Keys (not test)
  • Under Standard Keys, click Reveal Live Key under token on the Secret Key row
  • Copy the Secret Key
  • Return to your CommuniBee tab and paste the Secret Key into the corresponding field
  • Scroll to the bottom of the CommuniBee tab and click Save
  • Click the Test Payment button. Note that you will be using a real credit card to test a $1 payment. Once completed, a successful payment message will appear
  • Return to the Stripe tab and in the upper left menu, click Payments. Your $1 payment will appear here.

*Be aware that if your Secret key has been revealed and you don’t have it saved on your CommuniBee account, you will need to create a new key. This is because revealed keys cannot be copied more than once. Click on the button Create secret key.


For admins who have used Stripe in the past, your API version may be outdated which can lead to payment errors! Follow the steps below to check and update your Stripe account’s API version.

  1. Log in to your Stripe Dashboard
  2. Click on the Developers button (as shown at the start of this guide)
  3. From the Overview tab, navigate down to the section called API version.
  4. The API version that you want to be using is 2022-11-15.
  5. If you have an outdated API version, select the Upgrade available… option at the top right of this section.