Create filter groups

Filter groups offer a way to further categorize your content beyond the standard categories for Events, Products, Resources, and Sponsors that CommuniBee provides. These groups enable users to filter content based on additional criteria. For instance, if you’re offering food items in your Marketplace, you may have categories such as Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks, […]

Upload resources to your website

Ensure your community members have seamless access to essential information by uploading important resources to your CommuniBee site. From your dashboard, click on the Content menu option and select the Resources tab. This will bring up a list of resources that have already been added to your site. By default, you’ll see all resources, regardless of […]

Set up categories for resources If your community offers a range of resources for guests to view or download, organizing them into categories can help keep things tidy. This way, your audience can easily find and access the resources they’re looking for by navigating through specific categories. Start by clicking on the Content tab from the side menu. Then […]

Create a resources home page

Adding pages to CommuniBee

In this guide, we go over the steps to adding pages to your community’s website. Follow these steps to update existing or create brand new pages all together!

Monitor engagement activity

Here is where you can get a high-level overview of everything going on within your community. Click on the Engagement menu option which will take you to the Dashboard tab. From here, you can monitor key details on the performance of your events, fundraising activities, marketplace sales, and more. Upcoming Events This section contains details […]

Apply sponsorships

Track the sponsorships your community receives! When a sponsor makes a contribution to the community, the amount can be saved in your community’s dashboard. You can opt to display the sponsorship information in your community, or keep it private, it’s up to you. While a sponsor can directly support the community, they can also choose […]

Manage your donors

Overview Interested in knowing who has donated to your community? You can view all of your community donors, including how many times and how much they’ve donated, easily from one location. From the Fundraising menu option, select the Donors tab. From here, a list of all your donors will appear. The All Donors table will […]

Create an event

From the Events menu option, select the Events tab. From here, a list of your existing events will appear. This overview screen lists all your events and relevant details such as the Date & Time, number of Registered/Interested users, Revenue from ticket sales (if applicable), associated Categories, how many Views an event has, and the […]

Set up event categories For communities that host an assortment of events throughout the year may want to consider categorizing them. The type of community you manage will determine which categories make the most sense (if any). Some examples of event categories could be Family-Friendly, 18+, Indoors, Outdoors, and so on. Having categories in place will help your […]

Create an events home page Think of an Events Home page as a central hub to promote your community’s events. From this page, you can list all current and upcoming events within your community. Your members can learn more about the events you run, browse individual events, and signup or purchase tickets to attend your upcoming events.   To get […]