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Although our ability to gather physically is currently limited, we need to continue to stay connected. CommuniBee can help residents make that possible.

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Aerial photo of a community using CommuniBee in Edmonton, AB.

Over 40 community leagues in Edmonton are making use of CommuniBee, an app designed in Edmonton to facilitate community engagement and communication.

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We understand that you may be cautious about signing up for a service like CommuniBee. Ensuring your online security and privacy are …

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CommuniBee brings your community into the digital age. With easy to use mobile and web based solutions. Create some Buzz in your …

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Discover how CommuniBee can help you build upon these core aspects of community engagement We all know that community engagement is a …

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We discuss why connecting with the people around us will become increasingly crucial in years to come Since the beginning of the …

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Discover how our mobile app can help you create stronger connections with the people in your community Around the world, communities often …

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