CommuniBee Security And Privacy

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We understand that you may be cautious about signing up for a service like CommuniBee. Ensuring your online security and privacy are more important than ever. That’s why we’ve made the following security blog post available for viewing. You can also download it here as a document. This post outlines the security and privacy considerations in […]

What is CommuniBee?

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CommuniBee brings your community into the digital age. With easy to use mobile and web based solutions. Create some Buzz in your community. CommuniBee was designed to bring Communities and Groups into the digital age. The application was developed to assist and increase engagement within groups. Some of the key features that CommuniBee offers include: […]

The 6 C’S of Community Engagement (Part 1)

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Discover how CommuniBee can help you build upon these core aspects of community engagement We all know that community engagement is a foundational requirement for a healthy, thriving, successful society— but how do we know when our efforts are working? It’s a question many community leaders, municipal governments, and other organizations ask themselves frequently. There […]

The Importance of Building Successful Communities

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We discuss why connecting with the people around us will become increasingly crucial in years to come Since the beginning of the information age, human beings have become more and more dependent on the internet, and as a result, the ways we interact with one another have shifted. In fact, 62 percent of Generation Y and […]

Introducing CommuniBee: The Comprehensive Community App

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Discover how our mobile app can help you create stronger connections with the people in your community Around the world, communities often struggle to keep their residents engaged in the activities, events, and conversations that are happening around them.  In fact, one third of Americans say they’ve never interacted with their neighbours. And only 36 percent of Americans say […]