Add sponsor categories

A full written guide with screenshots is coming soon! If your community has a long list of sponsors that relate to one another, you may want to consider categorizing them. For example, you could categorize sponsors by their industry type such as Hospitality, Construction, Real Estate, Retail, and so on. Your audience can then […]

Design your sponsors home page

A full written guide with screenshots is coming soon! A home page for your sponsors is the perfect place to showcase not only your sponsors, but also any sponsor categories or tiers that your community may have. From the Fundraising menu option, select the Sponsors Home tab.  General Title: This is the page name […]

Create a donation page

A full written guide with screenshots is coming soon! Add a donation page to your community to allow your guests to donate directly to your organization. A donation page can be added to a specific page, the top menu, or included in a Fundraising campaign so your guests can easily donate.   From the Fundraising […]

Set up an online auction

Planning to host a silent auction online? Our companion product, Bid Beacon, has been serving fundraisers since 2018 to help them raise more for their causes through online auctions! Bid Beacon is fully integrated with CommuniBee Suite so once you create your auction, you can link to, and promote it throughout your community. From your […]

Create a fundraising campaign

You have the flexibility to create and manage your fundraising activities and campaigns in the order that best suits your planning process. You can start by creating individual fundraising activities such as a silent auction, a raffle, or an event, and then link these to a new or existing fundraising campaign at any time. This […]

Monitoring fundraising activity

Overview Looking for an overview of your fundraising activity? Click on the Fundraising menu option which will take you to the Dashboard tab. From here, you can view at-a-glance the revenue generated from each fundraising activity, offering key details on the performance of the fundraisers you host. At the top of this page, you can […]